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Annual eye exams are critical to the early detection of a host of eye diseases, many of which can result in significant vision loss. Prevention and early detection is the best defense towards maintaining good vision for years to come. With so many potential eye diseases and disorders in our population, Dr. Dente strongly encourages and practices a very proactive approach regarding eye health and wellness.

A written eyeglass prescription from the doctor is only half of the equation. The frame and eyeglass lenses  (brand or design) are crucial elements in obtaining superior vision and functionality with any new eyewear.

Our licensed-optician has over 20 years of experience and she will ensure all your visual needs are being met. With today’s advanced lens materials and coatings, it is extremely important that the person taking all your measurements have formal training and experience in ophthalmics. As with any good pair of prescription eyeglasses, you not only need to see well but function well, including both physical and visual comfort. Glasses that provide good vision but lack comfort and physical appeal, often end up sitting in a drawer rarely used. When it comes to eyeglasses and your vision, the old adage of, you get what you pay for is very, very true