Home Visits

Many Seniors today are independent and sharp minded individuals, who play an important role within their families and community. One of the greatest concerns with advancing age is the deterioration of vision. This concern is well founded as diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye and night blindness all become more common. The fact is that these conditions occur with advancing age and a  reduction in  vision is closely associated with less daily freedoms and independence.

So many of todays aging adults suffer some degree of vision deterioration as a result of one of these diseases. Annual exams to detect and address eyechanges is the best, and sometimes only defense. However, it is often difficult for older seniors to get to the office to be examined. Dr. Dente is proud to offer a home service. We will come to your residence, whether that be within a community or a private individual home. Your visit is submitted to Medicare and any secondary insurance for payment, just as if you had come to the office.

Call or send us a request us today to schedule your at home visit!